5 Top Fitness Trends


As with every January, those of us that make new year's resolutions about out health and exercise, look for ways to fulfill those by joining exercise classes or gyms. Here are some of the top fitness trends this year.


1. Combination classes: Many studios have been innovating by offering classes that are split into two or three different activities. For example,  40 minutes cycling and 20 minutes yoga.

2. CrossFit: The crossfit boxes are growing… like crazy! According to FitMapped, the New York metro area has 18 CrossFit boxes. High-intensity interval training is an ongoing trend for 2014 as predicted by the American College of Sports Medicine and these studios offer just that. Also to note, CrossFit-type programs provide training for obstacle challenges such as Spartan Race and Tough Mudder.

3. Fitness on-the-go: Maintaining your fitness routine when traveling just got easier. Whether you decide to download the Nike Training Club app, purchase a deck of cards from FitDeck, or pack a Fitkit with you, staying fit when you're away keeps getting easier!

4. Sweat-working: Yes, you heard right. Sweat-work instead of network. People are replacing the after-work happy hour sessions with sweat sessions, demonstrating that fitness is moving social. There isn't enough time in a day to grab that coffee AND a workout. As noted by this Bloomberg news article, “pre-dawn and afternoon classes are growing popular with bankers who want to bond without loading up on liquor and fatty foods.”

5. Online Workouts: Several concepts have emerged in the past year providing users the ability to workout anywhere, anytime in a virtual manner. Companies such as Gymagogo and Daily Burn offer a variety of online fitness programming allowing fitness at home to become more popular. Brands that have brick and mortar studios are also offering online workout content.

The start of the new year is  in full swing now. There are plenty of ways for you to keep yourself on track with your health!



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