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The avocado, a dark green pitted fruit, is typically known for having a high fat content. However, the fruit is very healthy for you. Below are some amazing benefits you give your body when you eat this superfruit.

Seven reasons why avocados should be part of our daily meals

(1) Avocados are high in easily assimilated plant protein. All the amino acids are set for your metabolism to assemble into complete proteins. This takes a load off your pancreas from wasting cancer cell fighting proteolytic enzymes for breaking down meat proteins.

(2) Okay meat eaters, GreenMedInfo summarized a study that showed eating hamburgers with a slice of avocado limited triglyceride serum level increases. Most knowledgeable cardiologists consider triglyceride serum levels as stronger markers for potential heart disease and inflammation than LDL cholesterol.

(3) Avocados are high in natural vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent cancer. Synthetic vitamin E can be toxic.

(4) Avocados help the liver manufacture glutathione, considered the master antioxidant by all health experts. Glutathione actually refreshes and recycles spent antioxidants from other sources.

The master mineral magnesium, involved with over 300 metabolic processes, is also abundant. Two masters in one tasty food. Pretty good!

(5) Reduce breast cancer risk with avocados high lutein, vitamin E, and high content monounsaturated oleic fatty acid. This has been validated by studies. So ladies, quit counting calories so much and eat more avocados.

(6) Improve heart health for promoting better blood flow and lowering blood pressure by consuming avocados. Again, this is due to their abundant oleic acid content.

(7) Improve brain function and stave dementia by consuming avocados. Avocados are a close second to blueberries for promoting brain health, according to Dr. Steven Pratt, author of Superfoods Rx: Fourteen Foods Proven to Change Your Life.

Squeeze the avocado to see if it is ripe. When slightly soft, it is ready to eat.

source: worldtruth.tv

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69 Responses to "Avocado, The Superfruit – 7 Reasons Why…"

  1. Eat one raw err other day

  2. Rieko Brent says:

    Anne Marie Foster Elliot Brent

  3. Kylie Brock says:

    Ann Gourley
    They’re high in antioxidants!!! 😉

  4. Estrellita Ventura De Guia

  5. mixed other fruit wow…

  6. Hassna Taher says:

    thank you for all theese wonderful informations and advices

  7. Love this too much!! It can be used like cheese with bread! With ‘Apem” plantain!! Hmmmmm!

  8. Saii Jezrel Lim Joyce Ann Cardenas cguro mya ok n avocado hinog na.:)

  9. chhado wangmo says:

    It is very wonderful information,so Health is weath,i must follow this information as well as i will share this information to all my family and friends.

  10. Thank u Prem an at FFes d Demand 4 Seedlings continued an it is anticipated dat Private Sector will fill dat Demand. At FFes 1 Pollock Avacado Variety was given 2 a Child jus 2 encourage dem 2 Plant

  11. Mike Cebu Rn says:

    Ever notice gods gifts are healthy and mans not so? You know big mac vs an avocado? Lol

  12. Lily Hazra says:

    My favourite fruit!!!

  13. Ben Figueroa says:

    Avocado gatas at yelo….

  14. I love eating avocado mix with instant milk powder & honey!

  15. Unfortunately they are not available here.

  16. I like them very much

  17. Josie Sapno says:

    love it sooo yummy

  18. Mario Romero says:

    Eat, joy, any time, salads, any where !

  19. eat it with milk and sugar

  20. it`s not a fruit, it`s a veggy; though it`s the only veggy that can be combined with fruits…

  21. Anita Cesar says:

    I love it, heart healthy food. i used to eat this fruit during breakfast.

  22. wow like did pick two big ones today from our garden.

  23. I do not worry about the calories,1/2 an avocado every day,rather eat this than sweets and biscuits 🙂

  24. Saii Jezrel Lim Joyce Ann Cardenas

  25. Very good to put in the green salad .

  26. Alan Zibluk says:

    Catherine L. Keoghan Avocados are our friends.

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