Learn These Amazing Benefits of Switching To Himalayan Salt


For years, I have been hearing that we need to avoid salt. Have you? According to information we researched over at www.organicauthority.com, our bodies need salt, just not the regular processed salt we get at the grocery store.

They say we need the “pure, unrefined salt that retains its minerals and brings more complexity to your diet. “The processed salt most of us buy or eat at restaurants and in processed foods, doesn't do our body any good. If you like salt, switch to a salt rich in minerals. One suggestion is Himalayan crystal salt which is an unrefined salt rich in minerals.


What It Is

Like other unrefined salts, Himalayan salt is a “full-spectrum” salt. By that I mean it contains the full spectrum of minerals and other nutrients that improve your health. It contains 84 minerals and trace elements, because it is unrefined, unprocessed, and basically “raw”. Himalayan salt is hand-mined from salt caves formed some 250 million years ago.

In the 20th century, doctors noticed that those who consumed refined salt began to develop chronic degenerative diseases, often incited by a lack of iodine in salt. Salt refiners then began to add iodine to salt, hoping to fill the gap. What they did, however, was miss the entire point altogether. Unrefined salt, such as Himalayan salt, not only contains iodine, a naturally occurring mineral, but also more than 80 other minerals. Refining salt in the first place not only stripped salt of its iodine content but also of its entire mineral profile. But because iodine was the most obvious missing piece, salt refiners simply added it back in to otherwise lifeless refined salt. This is how iodized salt was born, but artificially so.

Himalayan salt is formed under extreme tectonic pressure, in an environment with no exposure to toxins and impurities. It has a light pink hue, a good indication of its “full spectrum” qualities, and a unique cellular structure. Its minerals are in colloidal form, which means that they are small enough for the body’s cells to absorb quickly and easily.

Benefits of Himalayan salt include: regulating water levels in the body; maintaining a healthy pH balance; promoting blood sugar health; reducing the signs of aging; increasing absorption of minerals in the colon; improving heart health; reducing cramps; improving bone strength; promoting positive sleep patterns; encouraging sexual appetite; promoting kidney and gall bladder health; and reducing sinus problems. Read More…

Source: OrganicAuthority.com

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