Can You Help Out With The Honey Bee Problem And Get Paid – See How

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Our honey bee population is decreasing. Why is this happening. What does this mean to us? Well the bees pollinate our food.

We really need to preserve the bee population so we can have more food.

Read below for more information on what our government is going to do about it…

(TRFW News) Recently, there have been a lot of concerns raised in regards to the bee population in the United States and what this could mean for farmers. The government is hoping that by cutting expenses that many people will step up to increase bee colonies and raise bee’s.

Virginia’s state government has set aside $125,000 for grant money to encourage people to consider the value of raising bees. The grant funding began due to the 2012 report of bee’s dying from colony collapses, parasites, pesticides, and disease. (1)

Virginia residents, 18 years or older, who purchase a new hive, materials or supplies to construct a hive can apply for a grant that will be for the amount of expenses incurred, no greater than $2,400 per individual per year. (1)

USDA allocates millions of dollars to create bee habitats

The USDA (Department of Agriculture) announced on June 20, 2014 their own program to help boost beekeeping. This program has set aside 8 million dollars in incentives for those living in Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Research has shown that more than half of commercially managed honey bees are in these states. The 8 million dollars is in addition to the 3 million dollars already allocated to the Midwest to encourage honey bee production. The money allocated in this program is to manage or replace vegetation with high nutrition seed mixes that can encourage blooming cycles the benefit the bee’s pollination.(1)

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    I wish they would include Kentucky as well. I want to start keeping bees.

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