Human Brains Are Amazing

The human brain is amazing. Here is an article discussing some of the wonders of what the human brain can do:

Humain Brain

Nature has made some awe inspiring and wonderful living things and their organisms that control their functions. Of these living things, a human being is considered to be the best of all because of its brain power which has led it to development since its origin. The human brain is undoubtedly the most intelligent organism in the universe considering its innumerable uses and features. The imaginative power of human brain astounds all and the scientists have worked on discovering the abilities, powers and capabilities of the brain in their researches.

Apart from being the most intelligent organ, the brain is the most complicated organism as well. All the great inventions made by the human race thus far are the result of the capabilities of human brain because creativity and innovation are the most salient features of human brain. It is the storage device in the human body which keeps in it years old memories and many other information. It is the powerhouse of all the motions in the human body. In addition, the brain is the command centre of the CNS (Central Nervous System) which gives a number of cognitive and physical abilities to the human body.

There are many fascinating facts about the human brain apart from all these vital functionalities. Some of which are described as under:

  • Human brain is the command and control centre of all the functions of the human body which are lead by CNS (Central Nervous System). Despite of this fact, the brain lacks nerves like other body organs and because of this it cannot feel any pain.
  • The human body consumes a lot of energy of which the largest part is consumed by the human brain. This consumed energy is very important to fuel the nerve impulses and to maintain healthy brain cells.
  • There are around 100 billion neurons present in the human body which are there to increase the processing ability of the brain. 100 billion is a huge number which accounts for more than 15 times of the total human population on planet earth. Moreover, there are 1000 to 10,000 synapses per neuron in the human brain.
  • Human brain is the fastest organ in the human body because it controls all the functions of the body and transmits the signals through the nervous system to different organs in the body within fractions of a second.
  • The human brain is comprised of 60% of fat which is the highest level of fat present in a single organ of a healthy human body.
  • Water carries on and regulates many important functions of the brain throughout the body in a very fast and effective way. Water comprises 75% of the total mass of the human brain.
  • The human brain is made up of 76% of neocortex, a vital portion of the brain which is used to carry the language and consciousness functions in the human body. The huge quantity of neocortex in the brain mass makes it largest in comparison with other living beings.
  • A human brain consumes around 25 watts energy which is sufficient to illuminate a light bulb and the average weight of a human brain is 3Lbs.
  • Of the cardiac output of the blood, around 20% is directed to the brain every minute which makes around 750ml.
  • In a pregnant woman, during early stage of pregnancy the neurons multiply very rapidly at an approximate rate of 250,000 neurons per minute which is a huge quantity.
  • The human brain is comprised of two matters, white and gray matter. Of these, the white matter is consisted of axons and dendrites which make for 40% of the brain. On the other hand the gray matter is consisted of neurons which make for 60% of the brain.
  • The brain is consisted mostly of cerebrum which makes around 85% of the human brain. In addition, the entire human brain is used to carry on different functions by a human, contrary to the misconception which states it to be used only 10%.
  • The brain organization is increased by music and if a person is having stress, than it alters the brain functions and cells. A brain produces on average 70,000 thoughts per day.
  • The human brain is believed to stop its growth when it reaches 18 years of age. Moreover, a human brain is comprised of 100,000 miles of blood vessels.
  • A person cannot tickle one’s own self because the brain recognizes one’s own touch. Similarly, dreaming requires more brain activity than any other function carried by a human brain.

The human brain preserves the learning it receives and uses it during the course of life to enable the effective functioning of human body. It can easily be labeled as the most hard working and continuously functioning organ in the universe. All the awe inspiring fascinating facts about the human brain make it an incredible body organ in a human being. It requires utmost care to keep going in processing many vital functions in a human body.


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