Is Your High-protein Snacks Causing You Harm? – See What Dr. Oz Thinks

According to Dr. Oz: ‘High-protein’ Diets Could Do More Harm Than Good!


Proteins are the building blocks of our body. Almost fifty percent of the dry weight of every single cell in our body is made up of protein. In order for our bodies to remain active and healthy we need to have proteins in our diet. For years, proponents of some fad diets have been promoting the idea of high protein diet as one of the efficient means of weight loss.

Reliable scientific studies have been coming out only recently. A landmark study, that took twenty years to conclude, proposed that having the right kind of proteins in our diet can lower the blood cholesterol and cut down the risk of heart disease by 30%. Eating the right kind of proteins at the right times can also regulate blood sugar levels thereby reducing the risk of diabetes by about eighteen percent. Proteins also help in weight loss by stimulating metabolism that helps burn fat thus preventing obesity. However, most protein rich natural foods also come in with additional fat or carbohydrates in them causing much concern about which proteins are ‘good’ and which are to be avoided.

Dr. Oz: The Truth About Protein
One recent study has even concluded that too much animal protein in diets can cause increased inflammation and is dangerous.Dr Oz picked up on this issue in his recent episode discussing, “The Truth About Protein”. He discussed the right ways to go about it and touched upon the facts about protein consumption that are important.
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