New Digital Health Monitor Announced By Samsung

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At an event in San Francisco on May 28, 2014, Samsung Electronics president Young Sohn reveals a new digital health monitor, Simband prototype watch, that will reportedly track your heart rate, blood pressure and electrocardiography (ECG) in real time.

SAN FRANCISCO – Electronics giant Samsung announced Wednesday plans for what it sees as a future universal data collection device for the body.

The Korean company gave reporters and developers a sneak preview of a wristband and software platform it hopes developers will use to create health trackers that can't even be imagined yet, in the words of Samsung's chief strategy officer Young Sohn.

Sohn wore a prototype, a sleek black band with what looks like an oversized rectangular watch face on it. It's called the Simband, which runs open platform software so that other developers can create different modules. The prototype band itself can easily have new and different parts snapped into it.

Sohn said Samsung partners are already working on modules that can track medical data such as the oxygen content of the blood, known as a pulse ox measurement.

While the company considered many possible sites where a sensor might be placed, in the end it chose the wrist, “because it's the one location where most people are used to wearing something 24/7,” said Ram Fish, Samsung's head of digital health

Source: USA Today
Photo Credit: Harry McCracken / TIME

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