This Superfruit Has Arrived In Michigan – What Is it?

saskatoon berry

Hey everyone, there's a new fruit introduced to Michigan recently. This fruit looks like blueberries and it's stated to be high in fiber.

The flavor has been described by some people as being nutty, like almonds. Other people have reported that they think it tastes like a mix between cherry and blueberry.

This berry also makes good, sweet pies. So what is it's name? Saskatoon, native in Canada.

saskatoon berry

Canadian farmers first began cultivating wild saskatoons, or juneberries, more than 30 years ago. Steve Fouch, a retired Michigan State University extension agent, encountered them there about a decade ago.

Fouch started promoting the plant in northern Michigan because it is cold-hardy, and the region's soil is just right. But most farmers in the area grow cherries, and many were skeptical about this imported cultivar.

“People sit back and say ‘If this is such a good idea, why wasn't this here 100 years ago?' ” Fouch says. But people probably laughed when the first cherries first came to the region in the late 1800s, Fouch says.

Now that more farmers are trying their hand at growing saskatoons, people are also trying different recipes to showcase all that the berry has to offer.

DuCheney has been busy experimenting in his kitchen. He has used the berries in jams, jellies and pie fillings. “I just did a saskatoon bourbon barbecue sauce the other day, and it is really good,” he says.

Source: npr.org

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