These Elephants Are Acting Like They Are Drunk…See What Is Making Them This Way


These funny pictures show these elephants staggering around after eating. What is it that they have eaten that is making them act like they are drunk, you ask.

We found these pictures that were taken by field guide Ross Couper who works for safari company Singita.

The article over at the dailymail.co.uk says that these elephants were eating marula fruit in Kruger National Park.

It goes on to say that when large mammals eat marula fruit, it has an intoxicating effect on them. See for yourself in the below pictures.

Ross Couper, a field guide, came upon these elephants.

He saw these elephants acting very strange.

So he got out his camera and took these pictures.

It seems like they are drunk. This happens when they eat a certain fruit that grows in the area.

Although, it’s possible, says the article at dailymail.co.uk, they were a little tipsy from eating the beetle pupae that live in the bark of marula trees.

No matter which one they ate…

It's pretty funny that they react this way.

Here they are sleeping it off. Do you think they have a hangover in the morning?


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