Vampire Contacts – What Is This About?


Contacts of the future in the news, looks like vampire contacts, what is this about?

If you love the freedom that contacts provide but wish the lenses could do more to enhance your night-hunting, a breakthrough at the University of Michigan may make thermal-seeking contacts a reality. I’ll never miss prey in my peripheral again.

In news that is sure to rock the vampiric community, Phys.org is reporting today that in a recent Nature Nanotechnology paper, professors Zhaohui Zhong and Gerard A. Mourou announced the first room-temperature light detector that can be “stacked on a contact lens or integrated with a cell phone”.

Prior to the duo’s discovery, heat-seeking vision required a combination of cumbersome technologies in order to detect near, mid and far infrared radiation all at once. Graphene– a single layer of carbon atoms– catches the entire spectrum, but is too small to capture more than 2.3% of all light.

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